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Frequently Asked Questions- Getting a Book Published

The chances of getting your book published increase when you offer
● Quality Manuscript
● Query Strategically
● Engage an Online Audience
● Join a Writers/ Publishers Group
● Prepared for rejection

The ideal book length varies by genre:
Novels: Typically, novels range from 40,000 to 110,000 words, but this can vary.
Non-Fiction: Word count ranges between 40,000 to 80,000, but varies widely depending on the subject and genre.
Children's Books: Word count varies by age group, but brevity is essential. Focus on telling your story effectively rather than adhering strictly to word counts.

If you know how to get a publisher, follow these steps:'
a. Research Publishers: Identify publishers that align with your book's genre and style.
b. Follow Submission Guidelines: Carefully review and follow each publisher's submission guidelines.
c. Strong Query Letter: Craft an engaging query letter that highlights your book's uniqueness and your qualifications as an author.
d. Professional Manuscript: Ensure your manuscript is well-edited and formatted according to industry standards.
e. Build an Author Platform: Develop an online presence and audience through social media, blogging, and author websites.
f. Consider Literary Agents: Securing a literary agent can help attract publishers as they have industry connections and expertise in pitching your work.